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Our History


   The history of the Borrego Air Ranch began in 1945 with the purchase of Land by Ed Fletcher Jr.  He along with Steve Fletcher, John and Vernon Steen first landed on the dirt runway 04/22 and then dragged the brush down to create the first taxi-way to their house.  During 1946-7 Ed Fletcher built the first 1000 ft of Runway 08/26 starting from west to east.  In 1949 the air ranch received the State of California Airport License #37-14.  It was not until 1957 that the Mutual Water Company was incorporated to serve as the supplier and owner of all wells, pumping plants and water lines.


   In 1961 the shareholders of the Borrego Air Ranch decided to pave Runway 8/26 and also the entrance to the ranch.  At this time there were only five houses on the airport and the years following 1961 were marked by slow growth and the airport fell into disrepair.  By 1971 the interest in the air ranch was again peaked with the increase in general aviation flying.  Several new homes were built during the early 1970s.

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